Contractor services of remodeling and renovation projects

We bring design and construction expertise together. By entrusting your project to BK Design Associates you avoid costly errors. If you simply would like for us to supervise your own contractor, we act as your eyes in the event you are not able to be on the job yourself. However if you need a contractor to proceed with the construction, our expert contractor services results in less time to complete the project with the benefit of quality workmanship of our highly skilled craftsmen. BK Design Associates employs some of the finest craftsmen in the area to implement our designs or yours. From plumbers and electricians to carpenters and painters, we offer turnkey design/remodeling contracting services. We commence work on your project upon execution of our Proposal Contract.

Individual Construction Projects

Our remodeling projects are not limited to complete renovations. We will do individual projects such as:
• Counter top replacement and back splashes
• All types of flooring, including tile, wood, laminate, and carpet
• Painting and staining both indoors and out
• Faux finishing and murals
• Lighting projects
• Showers and tubs
• Stone and tile restoration
• Stairways
• Adding a fireplace or refacing an existing fireplace
• Door replacement
• Cabinet construction, on-site or factory built
• Outdoor kitchens, living rooms, and patios
• Roof and windows replacement
• Refinishing wood floors

Interior Design Services

Client Interview

All potential projects begin with an interview to discuss your ideas and how you live, what you love, what you need, and your expectations. At that time we will discuss which service or services will best suit your needs, location of your project, your time frame for project completion, and your budget. This interview can be done by telephone or in person. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS INTERVIEW. An in-person interview is usually done in the client’s home, to “size up” the project. No design advice will be give during this interview. If you are asking for design advice, the in-person interview becomes a consultation. Consultations, under these circumstances, are billed at an hourly rate of $150.00 per hour.

Full Service Interior Design Consultation

• for new home purchases, construction or remodeling, or furnishing a residence.
• usually billed at a flat fee with a Letter of Agreement
Are you remodeling, restoring, building or buying a new home, or looking forward to building an addition to your home? Do you need someone that is professional, accountable, accessible, timely, organized, talented, personable, affordable, knowledgeable and able to oversee a design project for you? Brenda Krenek’s lifetime experience in construction is extremely helpful. She is knowledgeable of wall construction, lighting and electrical plans as well as the decorative aspects of design. Please consult with us as early as possible when you decide to purchase a new home or remodel your existing home. If you plan to custom build or remodel, the best time to contact BK Design Associates is before construction begins. It is important when beginning projects like this that the interior design and decoration is taken into consideration from the very beginning. Having BK Design Associates involved from the start will help prevent costly change orders or revisions later, such as placement of a floor outlet to accommodate lighting at a sofa or a concealed tract for draperies so you do not see the hardware. We will review architectural plans to ensure your needs are being met to the highest degree. If you plan to purchase a home already under construction or just completed, we are available to determine the home's potential as it relates to you and your family. However regardless of the stage, we are happy and excited to assist you in your new home or newly remodeled home. We can also help by taking the guess work out of selections you will ultimately need to make - plumbing fixture design or finish, which drawer pulls should you use on your cabinets, paint color, floor or wall tile designs or layouts. The following are services that may be included:
• Initial assessment
• Review of architectural blue prints or "model" drawings
• Preparation of design drawings for space planning, such as kitchen or bath design or furniture layout.
• Budget review, helping client decide where best to put the funds or developing a action plan if the project needs to be completed in phases
• Scaled drawings for custom or built-in features
• Product Selection Services
• Coordination of various vendors involved - if needed, to include scheduling and onsite follow-up
• Purchasing of finishes and furniture
• Availability to be onsite for key installations or deliveries (ie: window treatments, furniture, painting, etc)

Interior Redesign and Using What You Already Have

• billed at a flat fee or $3,000.00/day, maximum of 6 hours per day.
Do you just want to freshen up your space and make the room function better? Do you like all your "stuff" but just can't seem to pull everything together in a way that works for you? Do you want to accomplish this with limited cost? Then BK Design Associates is for you. We will come into your home and place what you already own to give you a fresh new look for your space. We will also give you additional ideas and recommendations for future phases when you are ready to budget more money for the space. Services that may be included are:
• Initial assessment prior to the big day to include measurement of existing furnishings
• Moving and/or rearranging of furnishings and accessories by professional movers and our staff.
• De-clutter and organization
• Can be used in conjunction with Home Down-Sizing or Up-grading.

Hourly Conceptual Design Consultation usually for DIY’ers

• billed at $300.00 for a 2 hour minimum and $100.00 per hour after the initial 2 hours.
This service is for those clients who may be do-it-yourselfers, or who have a good idea what they want. They just need some design insight on how to get there. Clients who fall into either of these categories usually only need a couple of hours to resolve their design challenges. The following are 2 examples of interior services that fall within the conceptual design consultation:
• Color Consultation - color and finish selection for walls, flooring, furniture, cabinetry, etc.
• Accessorizing - placement of artwork or other accessories, lighting placement and style suggestions, ideas on types of accessories needed

Home Staging and Model Homes

Are you trying to sell your current home? We can assist you by making your home stand out from all the others that are on the market. We depersonalize your space so prospective buyers see themselves in the home. Or we can make a cramped room look so spacious and roomy you will wonder why you did not make the changes before you decided to sell. Often times it is hard for a homeowner to disconnect and see the home as a buyer sees it. We do this everyday in each space we see. This is billed at $300.00 for a 2 hour minimum and $100.00 per hour after the initial 2 hours. We also assist real estate professionals stage those empty houses or apartments and make them look lived in for a quick sale or rental. For these projects, we assess on a case by case basis for pricing.

Custom Window Treatments

If you have questions on how to address the windows in your home BK Design Associates can assist you. Various service options are available depending on the client's needs. These services can range from the hourly consult (billed at $300.00 for a 2 hour minimum and $100.00 per hour after the initial 2 hours) to discuss ideas and options, to full service that includes design, fabrication and installation of the window treatments. Our drapery fabricator is the best in the business. We do not work with the client’s drapery fabricator ever. In order to work with the client’s supplied fabric, we have a minimum service charge of $5 per yard. We can install ready-made draperies supplied by the client but the client assumes responsibility for the end look. For hard window coverings, we supply products from any of the major manufacturers including Hunter Douglas as well as cost effective vendors who you probably are not familiar with.

Holiday or Special Event Decorating

We can turn your home into a winter wonderland for Christmas or Hanukkah. Or prepare it for an elaborate baby shower. Or make your home sparkle and shine for yours or your daughter or son’s big day. We will work with your decorations or supply everything.

E-Decorating – Services Supplied Throughout the United States


is for all those who want that “magazine designer look” but do not want to commit the funds for it. Or maybe you feel intimidated working face to face with an interior designer. E-Decorating is the perfect solution. We begin with an in depth questionnaire all about your unique lifestyle, interests, desired design style, and special needs. Along with your answers, you will need to provide us with several digital pictures of the entire space from different angles, pictures of each wall in the room, as well as measurements of that room including ceiling height (as detailed as possible) to give us all the information necessary to begin the design process. We will also need photos and dimensions of furniture or special things you can not bare to part with. After that, we go to work to create your perfect room… or house!
Your e-decorating design plan will include:
• Initial mood board within 21 days of starting the E-Decorating process depicting the overall look and feel of the space, including furniture, accessories and window treatments
• 1 round of revisions after initial mood board is provided
• Digital design board showing our selection of furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories reflecting any revisions
• Detailed budgeted shopping list of all products that need to be purchased and where to purchase with click-able links
• Furniture plan to scale showing the layout of moveable furniture, lighting and rugs
• Color Palette - digital swatches of paint color, wallpaper, wood, tile, and fabric where applicable
• Room Guide - detailed guidelines on implementing your new design, including instructions and notes and any craft projects
• Two weeks of complementary email support as you get started implementing your design
• Elevations to scale of wall decor for hanging and placement, built-ins with dimensions, window treatments (optional upgrade)
• 3D rendering of your finished space (optional upgrade)
• If you purchase custom textile products such as window coverings or bedding (optional upgrade per quote), we will mail you actual fabric swatches

E-Decorating services are available for all rooms, residential or commercial. If you are renting and have certain requirements by your landlord, please be sure and mention that to us. An E-Decorating plan usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. To get started just complete our E-Decorating Questionnaire form, supplying your most reliable e-mail address and phone number. We will contact you once we have received your form and your payment using PayPal. We will send you a checklist of things we need from you to get started on your interior design project along with instructions on how to send it all to us via e-mail.
E-Decorating Fees
• Living room, dining room, family room, bedroom, den, master bedroom suites, home office or patio = $500 per room
• Living room/dining room, kitchen/dining room or kitchen/family room = $1,000 for room combination
• Foyer, hallways, bathroom = $200 per room
• 3 specific design questions answered via e-mail, no photos or selections = $50
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Note - Full payment must be received to start a project and fees are non-refundable once the project has commenced.
Our Terms and Conditions must be accepted as well.

Items For Sale

Furniture and Accessories

Shipping available. Please contact BK Design Associates at 281-531-4242 if you are interested in purchasing or want pricing things you have seen out shopping or online.